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Summerhill, Toronto is a central Toronto neighbourhood known for a high number of cyclists, people who walk to work, public transit users, arts / culture / recreation / sports workers, and university grads. It is a diverse neighbourhood notable for a high number of Japanese, German, Czech, Dutch, and Hungarian speakers.

Summerhill largely features semi-detached houses, accounting for 24% of sales, followed by townhouses and detached houses at 20% each and condos and condo townhouses at 18% each. 3-storey houses are the most common style and the majority of properties have 3 bedrooms. The average price in Summerhill over the past 12 months is $2,108,051, an increase of 2% over the same period last year. The average freehold price over the past 12 months is $2,553,907 as compared to the average condo price of $1,364,958 over the same period.

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