1Figure out the right strategy—for you.

At Realosophy, all buyer journeys start with a consultation that is carefully designed to identify the right strategy for your goals—whether it’s a more inspired daily life or giving your kids a head start.

2Use data to make your decisions.

Realosophy PRO, the premium version of our website exclusively for clients, gives you more data on every property for sale: data-driven price advice, neighbourhood appreciation, property warnings and more.

3We’ll tell you what you don’t know.

66% of Realosophy buyers end up buying in a neighbourhood we introduced them to through Neighbourhood Match, our exclusive data tool which analyzes 170+ Toronto neighbourhoods, and the on the ground expertise of Realosophy agents.

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What our clients say:

How It Works How We Help You Buy Better

Anchored By An Expert

Your buyer service is anchored by your full-time, dedicated Realosophy agent. Realosophy agents are committed to giving you better advice, train harder and do more deals. Meet our agents.

No Obligation Buyer Consultation

Our 2-hour consultation identifies the right strategy for your goals. You are well-prepared, avoid surprises and have a better buying experience.

Is it the Right Time to Buy—For You?

At Realosophy, we use our Defensive Home Buying principles to protect you in all market conditions—and we always tell you if it’s not the right time for you to buy.

Customized Home Buying Strategy

Your at-a-glance strategy highlights your lifestyle goals, budget, top neighbourhoods and deal breakers. You and your Realosophy agent stay on the same page.

Realosophy PRO

Realosophy PRO, the premium version of our website, exclusively for clients, is at the heart of our buyer service. See more data on every property: data-driven price advice, neighbourhood appreciation, property warnings for illegal parking, termites and more—all at your fingertips 24/7.

Neighbourhood Match

Neighbourhood Match, our exclusive data tool, analyzes 170+ Toronto neighbourhoods against your lifestyle goals and budget. You maximize all your options including lesser known, high value neighbourhoods.

Market Education

Tour neighbourhoods and houses before you buy so you can focus on educating yourself. We add our picks to yours—so you see options you may not have even considered.

10-Point Home Check

While you’re busy falling in love with a newly renovated kitchen, we use our 10-point checklist at every home viewing to catch potential problems like knob and tube wiring.

The Regroup

Whether you’re no longer excited about a total reno or condo fees, we’re good at sensing a change in your vision. We help you navigate this all-too-common problem—and avoid unnecessary frustration.

Price Advice

When you’re ready to make an offer on your home, we give you a written price recommendation based on our analysis of market comparables.

Win the Home

Multiple offers are common in many of Toronto’s popular neighbourhoods. We prep you in advance so you know how to win a multiple offer—and when to walk away.

Move In

A new home! Our detailed checklist helps your move go as smoothly as possible. And we’re always here to advise you on any issues (like a seller who has left junk behind).

Our Guarantee

We never try to lock you into contracts or hidden fees. All paperwork is discussed upfront with you—not thrown at you in high pressure situations. Our goal is to ensure you are happy working with us at all times.

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