We’re a Toronto real estate brokerage that helps you buy a house, sell a house, or research your next move. Our mission is simple:
Help people make smarter real estate decisions.

Today’s brokerage for today’s consumer.

Consumer confidence surveys routinely wedge real estate agents between politicians and used car salesmen—not a good place to hang out! So we created a new style of brokerage that gives today’s consumers what they want.

Innovative services that get you results.

For home sellers:

Great service at a discount— that’s the simple genius of our 1.5% Home Selling Blitz. We packaged the best tools and techniques that sell your house for a higher price—you keep more of your money when you sell. Learn more »

For home buyers:

We research neighbourhoods so you make better home buying decisions. Our proprietary data, used by the Globe and Mail and Toronto Life, allows us to advise you on over 170 Toronto neighbourhoods.
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For consumers:

When we couldn’t research Toronto neighbourhoods online, we built realosophy.com, a free consumer resource that mashes together housing, school, and demographic data from every Toronto neighbourhood.

Frank advice.

At Realosophy, we tell you if you’re not ready to buy safely or break even on a sale. But unlike your old-school accountant, we don’t just caution. We're passionate about giving you smarter solutions to get you to your goal.

A different feeling.

Our clients call us a breath of fresh air. Our expert salespeople act like consultants not pushers, our open concept office is designed to keep you informed (we love drawing charts on our walls) and our innovative research tools empower you.