Home Selling Blitz

 Sell your house for more money and pay less commission.

Get more.

Your house is your biggest investment so it’s important to get the biggest return you can. Our systematic approach to marketing gets the greatest number of buyers interested in your house as quickly as possible so you can sell for more. We call it a blitz.

Keep more.

Pay only 1.5% in seller agent commission, a savings of at least $5,000 on a $500,000 house. We recommend you offer 2.5% to buyer agents, but you get our Realosophy Fee Promise: if a buyer buys your house without a buyer agent, you don’t pay this fee.

Ten ways you get more

  1.  Realosophy Home Seller Kit
  2. Our Home Seller Kit gets you informed, organized and in control.
    You avoid stressful surprises and have a better selling experience.

  3.  Valuation: What is Your House Worth?
  4. We tell you what your house is worth—in writing.

  5.  Reality Check: Is it the Right Time for You to Sell?
  6. At Realosophy, we tell you if it isn’t the right time for you to sell—
    for example, have you owned your house long enough to break even?

  7.  Action Plan: Prep Your Product
  8. We develop an action plan to ensure your house appeals to today’s
    home buyer and tackle potential deal breakers (like a tricky layout
    or oil tank).

  9.  Pricing Strategy powered by realosophy.com
  10. We use our valuation of your house and our exclusive neighbourhood
    data to recommend the right pricing strategy for you.

  11.  Professional Photo Package
  12. Because anything less is unacceptable.

  13.  Realosophy Online Blitz
  14. Your house is on the MLS, realosophy.com, Craigslist and all major
    websites where buyers can tour–and fall in love with–your house 24/7.

  15.  Showings and Open Houses
  16. We organize and run all open houses and showings so you don’t
    have to be there. You keep track of everything online.

  17.  Handle Objections
  18. Our goal is to bring in as many good offers as possible. To do this,
    we get to the heart of buyer objections and address them effectively.

  19.  Make the Sale
  20. Offer Day! We help you accept the best combination of price,
    conditions and special clauses and make sure you don’t agree
    to anything you shouldn’t. And you always have a number to
    call for any post-sale issues (for example, what to do if a
    tenant doesn’t vacate).

  21.  Neighbourhood Match Report
  22. Buying after you sell? Our exclusive Neighbourhood Match
    technology matches you to over 170+ Toronto neighbourhoods
    based on your budget, school quality and lifestyle needs.

How you keep more:

You pay only 1.5% seller agent commission. The fee is based on your house sale price
so you only pay when your house sells. That’s at least $5,000 in savings on a $500,000
house when compared with traditional seller agents who charge 2.5% (or even 3%!)

We still recommend you offer 2.5% to buyer agents to get the highest number of offers
possible (plus buyers agents are great allies when it comes to making deals happen).
But we’ve gone further with our Realosophy Fee Promise: if a buyer buys without a
buyer agent, you don’t pay this fee. It’s only fair.

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