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Realosophy is a leader in a new wave of brokerages reforming the industry and attracting its brightest agents.

Get the data today’s consumer wants.

Data technology is transforming everything from the way we get a taxi to how we buy plane tickets. So why do today’s consumers have more numbers to compare when booking trips to Vegas than buying or selling a home?

Realosophy is a leader in using data and analysis to help our clients make better real estate decisions.

From Neighbourhood Match to Realosophy PRO, our proprietary tools select and analyze the right data from a variety of sources so you can give your clients the information they want.

Realosophy Pro listing data

Train like a pro.

“How much do you think this house will sell for?”

“Can I hang on to both my properties or do I have to sell one?”

“Should I buy now?”

Like top business consultants, financial advisors and lawyers, top real estate agents are measured by their ability to give the best advice.

But unlike in other professions, real estate education is woefully inadequate so most agents lack the skills they need to meet client expectations.

This is why we invest upfront in Realosophy agents, providing continuous training and coaching led by Realosophy Founder and Broker John Pasalis, a leader in modern real estate agent services.

Over 70% of agents sell less than 5 homes a year. Why are so many agents failing to make real estate the prosperous career it can be? In my opinion, it’s the lack of training. That’s where working with Realosophy comes in—which I can truthfully say was one of the best decisions I could have made when starting my career. From one-on-one training and mentorship, to shared tried and tested business practices, Realosophy has helped me to flourish in ways I don’t think I would have been able to with another brokerage.

– Nicole Harrington, Sales Representative

Build a thriving practice.

Even the best agent can only get so far with a Facebook friend list.

We connect Realosophy agents with consumers who love the Realosophy brand so our agents worry less about finding their next client and generate a more consistent income throughout the year.

Most importantly, our agents serve a greater volume and variety of consumers, doing more deals per year and staying on top of their game.

Since joining Realosophy, I’ve built a large practice and work mainly by referral. I’ve met so many great clients I’d never have met without Realosophy. Coming from a computer science background, I really appreciate why Realosophy connects with so many data and analytically-focussed consumers like me.

– Vincci Kumabe, Broker