We give better advice.


Based on Data

More data on every property, schools, warnings, and more.

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Skill Not Luck

Realosophy agents train harder and do more deals.

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Open and Honest

We believe real estate advice must help you make better decisions.

Our Philosophy

We believe that consumers make better real estate decisions when they have access to data and smart advice.

One in every 100 people in Toronto is a licensed real estate agent—and yet, not enough Torontonians are getting the real estate advice they need.

For too long, the residential real estate sales industry, brokerages and agents have been focussed on making sales and managing transactions, not advising consumers on the bigger picture—like whether it’s the right time for you to be buying or selling.

That's why we launched Realosophy, an independent, full-service real estate brokerage company powered by highly skilled, full-time agents who are committed to our philosophy.

Bright Ideas

Our Data

Realosophy believes in open data that benefits consumers.

In 2007, we pioneered the reporting of real estate statistics at the neighbourhood level on our website realosophy.com. Soon after, we partnered with leading media including the Globe and Mail and Toronto Life magazine to improve how real estate statistics are reported to consumers.

In 2012, we were asked by the Canadian Federal Government to testify in their anti-competition case against the Toronto Real Estate Board and demonstrate how Realosophy uses data to give consumers better real estate advice—an important fight we are proud to lead. Learn more.

And from what our clients have to say, we think we’re on the right side of history.

Our People

Walk into our office on a Tuesday morning and you’ll find our agents playing.

Role-playing, that is.

Realosophy agents put in more hours of training every week to give better advice, use more data and improve our services based on client feedback.

It all starts with a fresh philosophy that attracts talented agents with exceptional analytical ability.

And it's the reason we're regularly in the top 10% of all Toronto real estate agents. Meet our agents.

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